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Stylish Blue Light Reduction Glasses-AB

Stylish Blue Light Reduction Glasses-AB

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SOXICK Computer Reading Glasses UV Blue Light-Blocking Lenses HD Clarity Reduce Eye Fatigue

  • Anti Blue Light Glasses Eye Protection Comfortable Computer Readers Eyeglasses
  • FUNCTION--Block the glare with the SOXICK computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision through the use of their specially designed lenses featuring proprietary tints and coatings that block blue light and glare. Reduce eye strain, dry eyes while also relieving stress on your eyes while using a computer, TV, smartphone or tablet.
  • FEATURES-Prevents dry eye, irritation and sharpens detail to ease eye strain, filter blue light and UV to enhance contrast and protect eyes. Reduces glare to eliminate distraction and stress.
  • TIMELESS DESIGN TO COMPLEMENT ANY FACE-Everyone needs one pair of computer blue light glasses, And it's great to use in web browsing, playing video games, watching TV or working under fluorescent office lights with UV400 protection and glare reduction.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES - 1 Pair Computer Glasses with imported resin lenses and a lightweight frame to minimize Digital Eye Strain caused by harmful blue light emitted from digital screens. Complimentary Gift packaging box,Glasses case,Pouch,Clean cloth,Product manual and Membership card.
  • 100% Satisfaction 

The difference between a common lens and Anti-blue light lens:

Soxick Stylish Blue Light Reduction Glasses

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